Help us to educate Kentucky   Order a KY4MM educational packet today so you can have the evidence everyone is asking for. No longer can our elected officials, doctors… say that they don’t have any proof that cannabis helps. Show them the proof and help us to bring a better […]

Help us to educate Kentucky

Related To The Dietary And Medicinal Study And Use Of Cannabis   US Patent 6,630,507             “Cannabinoids as Antioxidants and Neuroprotectants” Assigned to the United States of America, it provides guidelines for relevant medical conditions and dosage schedules for CBD. Review LOG notes on the use of […]


Below is a list of resources to use when registering to vote… Click here for the Kentucky Board of Elections Website Voter registration cards can be filled out at your local county clerks office.  Click on link below to find your local office: Kentucky County Clerk’s Office By County Voter […]

Voting Information For All Counties In Kentucky