Help us to educate Kentucky 2

Help us to educate Kentucky


Order a KY4MM educational packet today so you can have the evidence everyone is asking for. No longer can our elected officials, doctors… say that they don’t have any proof that cannabis helps.

Show them the proof and help us to bring a better quality of life to thousands of patients.

Packets are printed in high quality, bright colors, and hardy card stock paper.

These packets are high quality and durable.

If you’d like to see all information provided within watch the video here:


Please consider sponsoring the purchase of 200+ to our KY elected officials.

Thank you in advance! Much love.

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2 thoughts on “Help us to educate Kentucky

  • Jody Williams

    Our State Ky. which I love dearly needs new governing. I think its time to put the church out of the Capital and do what’s best for the people that hurt, cry days at a time, have explosive disorder and ptsd. Our State has always been last in he race by then where is all the money going to be, in other states. There’s a time and place for everything, now is Kentucky’s time. If those politicians in Frankfort can’t get the money bouncing off the walls in this state they should fire all of them and start young and new.

  • D K Hicks

    I suffer daily from multiple health problems and think and want medical marijuana bill to pass in KY, as I think it would be the best solution for myself and others when it comes to chronic pain. I suffer from:
    spinal cord injury (T10/11/12 R removed)
    rheumatoid arthritis
    peripheral neuropathy
    neck spurs @ C4/5
    carpal tunnel
    and more……………………………………………………..
    anyway, I feel I would benefit from medical marijuana for pain