KY4MM Veterans Director discusses experience with KY legislators

Dan Seum Jr., the legislative affairs coordinator for Kentuckians for Medicinal Marijuana and the son of Sen. Dan “Malano” Seum, said the group has already brought expert witnesses including doctors and researchers that lawmakers are asking for, but they’re still feeling shutdown.

“The science is there and I’m just not — I can’t let them use that as their excuse,” Seum said. “I don’t think that’s sufficient.”

One of the reasons Seum and Kentuckians for Medicinal Marijuana are pushing so hard is for patients like Eric Crawford, a quadriplegic of 22-years, who Seum says will go blind from glaucoma within a year if he does not consume marijuana. Seum also mentioned the harrowing number of veterans who are committing suicide in Kentucky from PTSD — he said they need safe access to the drug.