Get Educated About Medicinal Marijuana

A few things most folks don’t know about Marijuana:

Health & Medicine

Despite extensive U.S. government restrictions on the study of marijuana for medicinal uses, global research is uncovering new conditions and diseases where medicinal marijuana can provide relief. Medicinal marijuana can replace harmful, easily abused, and sometimes deadly medications often prescribed for pain relief.
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Law Enforcement

We support safe and accessible use of medicinal marijuana. We want to prevent distribution to minors, funding of criminal enterprises, drugged driving, destruction of public lands through illegal operations. Learn about licenses, law enforcement, criminal justice and the court system regarding marijuana in the state of Kentucky.
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Marijuana can have a huge economic impact in states, especially in states with strong agricultural resources like Kentucky. Not only does marijuana make a difference in the lives of Kentucky patients, but it can also create wealth with a new and already thriving industry.
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