National News About Medicinal Marijuana

Medicinal marijuana making headlines across the United States. Covering Federal news as well as exceptional local news from other states.

  • Cannabis as an Economic Stimulus Tool?   Colorado cannabis industry is the fastest growing sector in the state Funded 18,000 + jobs in 2015 Had a $2.39 billion impact on Colorado 50% reduction in marijuana related arrest View the Full TIME Magazine Article here Read More
  • Oregon Cannabis Undergoes More Testing Than Food Products After multiple failed quality control test Oregon cannabis growers are now beginning to use organic growing techniques for their products. Cannabis is being tested not just for potency, but also for pesticides, herbicides, and molds so that the consumer is guaranteed ... Read More
  • Legal FDA approved drugs kill more citizens than any illegal drug 47,000+ Americans died of drug overdoses in 2014 Nearly 19,000 of those were from opioid painkillers Stemming from this epidemic many states passed legislation to curb prescription abuse by patients & their physicians The results were an exponential growth of heroin use, abuse, ... Read More
  • Cannabis is more restricted than cocaine, OxyContin, & Fentanyl Why is cannabis more restricted than cocaine, OxyContin, & Fentanyl which are all Schedule II drugs? The FDA ruled: Being a botanical product cannabis’ consistency is difficult maintain FDA stated that research does not support a “direct causal relationship between regular marijuana ... Read More
  • Myth of Marijuana as a Gateway Drug Brookings Institute Deputy director of the Center for Effective Public Management and senior fellow in Governance Studies, John Hudak, thoughts regarding cannabis being a “Gateway Drug.” Read More