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  • Medical Cannabis Bill Passes Committee 16 to 1 March 8, 2019 Late in the evening on Wednesday, March 6th, 2019, Kentucky’s House Judiciary Committee voted to favorably pass House Bill 136 after hearing testimony from supporters and opposition. Sponsors of the bill have worked tirelessly to advance this important issue, and were not sure the bill would even be called for a vote. This was a major hurdle on the road ... Read More
  • Kentucky governor outlines support for medical marijuana 2/12/19 February 20, 2019 By BRUCE SCHREINER and ADAM BEAM February 12, 2019 STANFORD, Ky. (AP) — Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin spoke about his support for legalizing medical marijuana in highly personal terms on Tuesday, telling a community forum that his teenage nephew died after fighting “a very hard battle with cancer.” Asked about his stance on marijuana during the two-hour community event, the Republican governor said ... Read More
  • Advocates, legislator say majority of Kentucky lawmakers support medical marijuana February 11, 2019   Thank you, Brent and Sherri Goss, for your help! Mr. Fussell did a good job – the interview turned out great. By Mike Fussell | February 11, 2019 FRANKFORT, KY (WAVE) – Medical marijuana is now legal in dozens of states across the country, and some Kentuckians want in on the benefits they feel it could provide. “The votes are there in the ... Read More
  • Ohio Opens Fifth Medical Marijuana Dispensary, While Kentucky Debates It February 8, 2019 By MICHAEL MONKS • FEB 6, 2019 Ohio now has five medical marijuana dispensaries open and more on the way. The Botanist, operated by Greenleaf Apothecaries LLC, just opened its second store in Wickliffe near Cleveland. At four other dispensaries that opened in January, sales have topped $500,000 in the first two-and-a-half weeks. Initial prices for medical marijuana in Ohio were $538 ... Read More
  • Advocates rally at Capitol to change Kentucky’s marijuana laws February 8, 2019 Feb. 6th, 2019 FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) – Advocates filled the Capitol rotunda in Frankfort on Wednesday saying the time is now for a change in Kentucky’s marijuana laws. Lawmakers have filed four cannabis-related bills since the legislative session began in January. Proposed bills include, one for legalization of medical cannabis and one for responsible adult use of marijuana. Other filed bills would decriminalize ... Read More
  • Advocates keep pushing Ky. lawmakers to pass medical marijuana February 8, 2019 Feb. 5th, 2019 LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – Advocates are working hard this week to push for cannabis reform laws here in Kentucky, spending the day Tuesday at the state capitol lobbying lawmakers before hosting a community forum. Right now there are four cannabis-related bills filed in Frankfort: HB 136: medical cannabis SB 80: recreational marijuana (“responsible adult use”) SB 82: decriminalization of possession SB 83: “Shauna’s ... Read More
  • Senator who had cancer, smoked pot, backs medical marijuana January 14, 2019 By ADAM BEAM – January 9, 2019 – AP News FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) — Diagnosed with cancer seven years ago, Kentucky Republican state Sen. Dan Seum said doctors gave him a “nice bottle of Oxycontin,” a legal opioid-based prescription painkiller that has led to a spike in overdose deaths throughout the state. “I threw it in the garbage can and went home ... Read More
  • 2019 Medical Marijuana Bill Filed January 10, 2019 January 9, 2019 Representatives St. Onge,  Nemes,  Hart, and Sims have filed and cosponsored HB136, the Kentucky Medicinal Cannabis Act, for the 2019 session of the Kentucky General Assembly. Please take just a couple of minutes and call your Kentucky legislators and ask them to support HB136! 2019 Kentucky HB136 Medical… by on Scribd Click the link for the official LRC ... Read More
  • Kentucky Lawmakers Grapple With Medical Marijuana – 1/3/2018 January 3, 2019 Great article by Lexington-Herald’s Jack Brammer. We are so very proud of Eric and Michelle Crawford for their courage and are thankful for all their hard work and for sharing their story of survival. Click the link below to read the entire article. “What am I to do? Go blind?” asks daily marijuana user who wants it legalized By Jack Brammer – ... Read More
  • Kentucky lawmakers warn more research needed December 17, 2018 Kentucky lawmakers warn more research needed before legalizing medical marijuana (WDRB) – December 12, 2018 Jaime Montalvo, executive director of Kentuckians for Medical marijuana, said the resolution amounts to a delay tactic. “It’s a way to pacify the populace, make them think that something good is happening when, in fact, nothing will happen because the research for a pharmaceutical takes years,” Montalvo said. But ... Read More