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  • Kentucky mother credits medical marijuana with helping her child December 7, 2018 Kentucky mother credits medical marijuana with helping her child battle disease 19-year-old Lyndi Lou Carnal hospitalized for long periods at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital by Todd Dykes (WLWT) – Nov 20, 2018   CINCINNATI — Before Crohn’s disease turned her world upside down, Lyndi Lou Carnal was a typical 14-year-old. The Justin Beiber fan had an infectious and beautiful smile. But things went south, quickly. “When I look ... Read More
  • Grayson County Fiscal Court Passes Resolution in Support November 3, 2018 EMOTIONAL JUDGE-EXECUTIVE KEVIN HENDERSON SUPPORTS LOCAL FAMILY WITH BABY DIAGNOSED WITH BRAIN DISORDER AS HE BACKS LEGALIZATION OF MEDICAL MARIJUANA IN KY; FISCAL COURT UNANIMOUSLY AGREES K105 – October 17, 2018 A group of citizens from Grayson County lobbied Grayson County Fiscal Court asking for support for a resolution that will be presented to the Kentucky General Assembly promoting the legalization of ... Read More
  • Medical marijuana bill will be filed “real soon” – 10/17/18 October 19, 2018 Spectrum News 10/17/2018 08:01 PM by Michon Lindstrom A medical marijuana bill will be filed soon. That’s according to bill sponsor Rep. Jason Nemes, R-Louisville. He says he and co-sponsor Rep. Diane St. Onge, R-Fort Wright, have been meeting with interested parties throughout the state including the police commissioner and business groups. One of the trickiest parts of the bill Rep. Nemes says is ... Read More
  • Marijuana skeptics fear ‘de facto legalization’ in states-10/6/18 October 7, 2018 Marijuana skeptics fear ‘de facto legalization’ in states By SAM SUTTON and CARLA MARINUCCI 10/06/2018 When Jason Nemes, a Republican legislator in deeply conservative Kentucky, proposed a bill allowing the sale of medicinal marijuana this year, he included strict conditions to prevent doctors from rampantly prescribing the drug. After all, Nemes has no interest in actually legalizing pot: He hasn’t smoked, he’s decidedly ... Read More
  • The Frustrating Path to Medical Marijuana in Kentucky – 9/29/2018 October 1, 2018 By Joe Klare –Sep 29, 2018 The list of states that are holding out when it comes to passing decent medical cannabis legislation grows smaller every year. And every year, one of the states to remain on that list is Kentucky. To be fair, Kentucky is the home of one of the most robust industrial hemp pilot programs in the country and you ... Read More
  • This Is Not A Debate. This Is About People In Ky – Sep 9, 2018 September 21, 2018 “This Is Not A Debate. This Is About People In Kentucky Who Are Hurting,” Says Lawmaker Fighting For Medical Marijuana By Calvin Hughes | Sep 9, 2018 The time for debating the merits of medical marijuana is over, according to Kentucky Rep. Jason Nemes (R), who wants to legalize medicinal cannabis to help droves of patients in the Bluegrass State. “This is not some ... Read More
  • Louisville family urges lawmakers to legalize medical marijuana September 12, 2018 Cassie Everett was diagnosed with epilepsy when she was 11 years old.   Friday, September 7th 2018 by Lawrence Smith   FRANKFORT, Ky. (WDRB) — A Louisville family urged lawmakers to legalize medical marijuana in emotional testimony Friday at the State Capitol.   Cassie Everett was diagnosed with epilepsy when she was 11 years old.   “And they said it will progressively get worse as you get older, which means ... Read More
  • KY4MM Monthly Meeting – September 26th, 2018 September 7, 2018 Kentuckians For Medicinal Marijuana (KY4MM) will now be having monthly meetings on the last Wednesday of every month at The Plantory in Lexington from 7-8 pm. There has been much legislative progress recently. Join us as we discuss this, and other topics such as how you may support our goal of making medical marijuana available to all patients in Kentucky who ... Read More
  • Higdon: Is marijuana enforcement a good use of state’s limited… August 28, 2018 Higdon: Is marijuana enforcement a good use of state’s limited funding? ***Attention: Casey, Marion, Nelson, Spencer counties***   Senator Higdon believes the war on marijuana needs to change.  He needs his constituents to ask him to push for marijuana decriminalization. “I am concerned that the effort we exert to fight a war on marijuana is hampering our attempts to eradicate the opioid addiction crisis. ... Read More
  • Lawmaker Says Medical Marijuana Will Be Legal in Ky… August 24, 2018 FRANKFORT, Ky. (WDRB) — State Rep. Jason Nemes of Louisville predicts medical marijuana will be legal in Kentucky within the next year. The Louisville Republican has co-sponsored a bill that he believes addresses most of the past concerns about medical marijuana… Click to read more at Read More