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  • HB411 (medical cannabis legislation) has been filed in KY House February 22, 2017 HB411 (medical cannabis legislation) has been filed in the House. Call your Representative today 800-372-7181 Leave a message saying: “help to bring up HB411 for discussion & Vote YES on HB411” This bill does not do much, meaning it doesn’t create an industry, but does provide doctor & patient protection.   Read More about this story at this Spectrum News Read More
  • KY4OAI Endorses KY4MM showing support for Medical Cannabis February 22, 2017 Read More
  • The Cannabis Compassion Act (SB263) helped put together by KY4MM February 1, 2017 The bill we have been helping put together has finally been introduced! Thank you for your continued support in helping to make medical cannabis a reality in Kentucky. Establishes a comprehensive system for medical cannabis, including provisions for medical verification of need, persons allowed to cultivate, use, and possess the drug, organizations allowed to assist in providing the drug, regulation by ... Read More
  • Eric and Michelle Crawford fighting for KY4MM in Maysville, KY February 1, 2017 The couple kept their lives as private as possible, until September 2013, when a set of extenuating circumstances put their lives into the court system. It was then they decided to go public and fight for Eric’s right to have relief from his health problems through medical marijuana. “It’s not about Eric anymore, there’s so many people that can benefit,” said ... Read More
  • Coverage of the Licensing & Occupations meeting in Frankfort February 1, 2017 Local News coverage of our recent meeting with the Licensing and Occupations committee in Frankfort as well as our press conference mentioning our endorsement made by the Kentucky Nurses Associations. Thank you to everyone for making it out to Frankfort to show your support. Read More
  • Sentinel-News coverage of KY4MM’s Shelbyville Town Hall Meeting April 4, 2016 Stories of pain and despair foreshadowed passionate pleas for help at a town hall meeting at the Shelby County Public Library Monday evening aimed at the legalization of cannabis for medical purposes. A crowd of nearly 40 residents sat attentively as they listened to the accounts of members of the organization Kentuckians for Medical Marijuana, their silence breaking only on occasion ... Read More
  • KY4MM Veterans Director discusses experience with KY legislators April 4, 2016 Dan Seum Jr., the legislative affairs coordinator for Kentuckians for Medicinal Marijuana and the son of Sen. Dan “Malano” Seum, said the group has already brought expert witnesses including doctors and researchers that lawmakers are asking for, but they’re still feeling shutdown. “The science is there and I’m just not — I can’t let them use that as their excuse,” Seum ... Read More
  • Senior Marijuana use is on the Rise across the United States January 7, 2016 More US senior citizens now using cannabis as a way to relieve pain, relax, & sleep. Seniors 65+ make up only 14% of the US population, but use over 30% of all prescription drugs. Could cannabis be used to reduce or replace some of them including opiod pain medications? Read More
  • Help us to educate Kentucky April 26, 2015 Help us to educate Kentucky   Order a KY4MM educational packet today so you can have the evidence everyone is asking for. No longer can our elected officials, doctors… say that they don’t have any proof that cannabis helps. Show them the proof and help us to bring a better quality of life to thousands of patients. Packets are printed in high quality, bright ... Read More
  • Patents November 25, 2014 Related To The Dietary And Medicinal Study And Use Of Cannabis   US Patent 6,630,507             “Cannabinoids as Antioxidants and Neuroprotectants” Assigned to the United States of America, it provides guidelines for relevant medical conditions and dosage schedules for CBD. Review LOG notes on the use of vaporization to separate CBD from THC Medicinal Acidic Cannabinoids— US 7, 807,711 B2            Invention ... Read More