Sellout crowd at Kentucky medical marijuana forum

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Jaimie Montalvo is one of those patients. He has multiple sclerosis, is a cancer survivor and says he has found relief for his conditions with cannabis. Montalvo is also the executive director for Kentuckians for Medical Marijuana, a nonprofit working for patients to have access to marijuana without fear of prosecution. Montalvo participated in a panel at the forum, explaining the medical cannabis bill that he said will be filed.

Montalvo said in a telephone interview that Kentucky needs to pass a law to allow medical marijuana in Kentucky primarily for public safety. He pointed out that many Kentuckians have experimented with cannabis for their health conditions and found relief, usually after exhausting traditional medications that have either not worked, not worked sufficiently or have resulted in unwanted side effects.

“We need to make sure that what these patients are consuming is clean, is properly tested and is being sold in a safe environment,” he said.


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