The Frustrating Path to Medical Marijuana in Kentucky – 9/29/2018

By Joe Klare 

The list of states that are holding out when it comes to passing decent medical cannabis legislation grows smaller every year. And every year, one of the states to remain on that list is Kentucky. To be fair, Kentucky is the home of one of the most robust industrial hemp pilot programs in the country and you can buy CBD gummies in many gas stations. But when it comes to an actual medical marijuana program with doctors and patients and growers and dispensaries, the state is woefully lacking.

Why? Demographics likely have a significant influence in a state that is mostly rural and that Donald Trump won by 30 percentage points (almost 600,000 votes) in the 2016 Presidential election. Kentucky is not exactly fertile ground for political progress. As a result, progress on the medical cannabis front has been slow, but steady nonetheless. That steadiness has come in part from the group Kentuckians for Medical Marijuana (KY4MM), founded by Jaime Montalvo, who also serves as the organization’s Executive Director.

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About Jason Maynard

Jason is a KY4MM volunteer from the mountains of East Kentucky. He contributes to our website and social media platforms. Jason can be reached through Twitter @KYMMJason