Advocates, legislator say majority of Kentucky lawmakers support medical marijuana

WAVE3 News 2-11-2019


Thank you, Brent and Sherri Goss, for your help! Mr. Fussell did a good job – the interview turned out great.

By Mike Fussell | February 11, 2019

FRANKFORT, KY (WAVE) – Medical marijuana is now legal in dozens of states across the country, and some Kentuckians want in on the benefits they feel it could provide.

“The votes are there in the House and in the Senate,” Montalvo said. “The question is whether our legislators will have the courage to vote on this issue.”

Rep. Jason Nemes (R-District 33) is one of the bills sponsors. He said a healthy majority of legislators support medical marijuana.

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You can help to get HB136 passed by calling your legislators today, and encouraging your friends to do the same.

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