Kentucky mother credits medical marijuana with helping her child

WLWT Nov. 20, 2018

Kentucky mother credits medical marijuana with helping her child battle disease

19-year-old Lyndi Lou Carnal hospitalized for long periods at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

by Todd Dykes (WLWT) – Nov 20, 2018


Before Crohn’s disease turned her world upside down, Lyndi Lou Carnal was a typical 14-year-old. The Justin Beiber fan had an infectious and beautiful smile. But things went south, quickly.

“When I look back and my mom shows me pictures and videos, it’s kind of really hard to think that that was me,” Lyndi said.

“When my child got sick, we did what every parent does. You take them to the hospital,” Lyndi’s mother, Tiffany Carnal, said.

The family made Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center its home away from home.

“We spent three Christmases, three Thanksgivings, three New Years. I mean, every single holiday, every single month, we were in-patient. I slept in a chair beside her bed and never left,” Tiffany Carnal said.

For a long time, Tiffany Carnal never questioned the heavy drugs that doctors prescribed for her daughter.

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