Lawmakers Highlight Topics For 2019 Session

KY Chamber 12-4-18

Lawmakers and experts highlight topics expected to be tackled in 2019 session at Chamber conference

December 4, 2018

In a panel on emerging competitiveness issues, legislators discussed the prospects for issues like additional tax reforms, medical marijuana, sports betting, and more to start the day. Medical marijuana is likely to be heavily discussed in the upcoming session but not likely to see passage in 2019, panelist said. Sen. Alvarado, a doctor from Winchester, said more research needs to be done by the medical community on the topic and how medical marijuana is defined. Democratic Sen. McGarvey said even if an individual is for legalizing medical marijuana, which he is, it is a complex and complicated issue, and he believes Kentucky will not pass it in the coming year. As a small business owner, Rep. Pratt said the business liability part of the issue must be addressed in any legislation.

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