Medical Cannabis Bill Passes Committee 16 to 1

HJC meeting 3-6-19

Late in the evening on Wednesday, March 6th, 2019, Kentucky’s House Judiciary Committee voted to favorably pass House Bill 136 after hearing testimony from supporters and opposition. Sponsors of the bill have worked tirelessly to advance this important issue, and were not sure the bill would even be called for a vote. This was a major hurdle on the road to beginning a medical marijuana program in Kentucky, and advocates were overjoyed by its passage.

The bill’s fate is still uncertain at this point, as it must now move to the Rules Committee, after which it would have to be voted on by the entire House, followed by the Senate. Only after passing these hurdles would it be up to Gov. Matt Bevin to sign it into law, which he has indicated he would do. Time is short, however, as this year’s session of the General Assembly is the every-other-year “half” session and due to end in only days.

Please contact your representatives and urge them to move this very important piece of legislation forward, and to not put it off for another year.

Local media coverage of the event can be viewed by clicking the images below.




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