The Fight For Medical Marijuana in Kentucky

WLEX April 28, 2019

‘SOTC’: The Fight For Medical Marijuana In Kentucky

David Nichols – April 28, 2019

(LEX 18) — In some states, people use marijuana for medical reasons, and they do it legally. In Kentucky, it’s still a crime.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not happening here.

Medical marijuana triggers emotional arguments from both sides of the issue.

Some are very strongly against it becoming legalized. They say it’s an illegal drug that shouldn’t be welcomed in the commonwealth.

But others insist it’s good medicine that works for them. They say they want to treat pain and other symptoms using it without fear of arrest and prosecution.

Because it’s illegal, many will not publicly admit to using marijuana here. But two men told LEX 18 they’re willing to fight to legalize its use here.

“Some pain medication, some muscle relaxants, some vitamins, some blood pressure medicine, sleep aids,” said Jaime Montalvo, listing a regimen that takes up much of his day to treat his multiple sclerosis.

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